Tuesday, 15 January 2013

KOSB Soldiers from Bachelors Walk

Some of the soldiers from the 2nd Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers involved in Bachelors Walk.

The following were killed during the Great War and have links to their Commonwealth War Grave Commision entry.

Lt Hammond

Cpl/Sgt Ludlow B Company

Pte Bendelowe B Company

Pte Douglas (I keep thinking it was Pte Douglas reported as dropping 2 rounds but it was Pte Baird)

Pte Burgon B Company

Pte McCallum B Company

Pte McWhirter

L/Cpl Peter Finney was one of two soldiers injured at Howth. Consequently, he didn't arrive in France until 5/12/1914 (the rest of the unit arrived in France on the 15/8/1914). Finney appears to have moved to the 6th Battalion when he was killed in 1917.

The following appear to have got through the Great War :

Pte Charles Lightfoot, number 11555, appears to have survived. He enlisted 14/8/1913 and was discharged as a result of sickness 9/9/1918 aged 23years and 6months old. Silver War Badge number 448276.

Pte William Victor Lamb, number 11547, enlisted 4/7/1913 and was discharged as a result of wounds 30/9/1915.

Pte Hugh Victor Corrigan, number 11296, enlisted 5/3/1912 and was discharged as a result of wounds 15/5/1915.

Pte Andrew Baird, number 11615, appears to have survived the Great War. at some point transferred to 4th Labour Battalion as number 213133.

Yet to track down :

Privates :
James Porter
Downes/Daunes? (wounded at Howth)

Corporals :
L/Cpl Evans

Sergeants :

Officers :
Lt Harvey
Lt Miles or Myles
Major Leigh (remained in barracks and was not directly involved)

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