Saturday, 26 January 2013

George Parker and 10 Rutland Square, Dublin 1916

In looking for information re Pte T Parker, 2nd Battalion Leinster Regiment, and his activities during the Easter Rising, fellow Easter Rising researcher Robus from flagged up the arrest of George Parker from 10 Rutland Square.

The address is of interest personally as my Gt Gt Grandmother gave this as her address when she married in 1877.

10 Rutland Square, also called Fowlers Hall, was a base for various Orange Lodges in the Dublin area and from approximately 1913 onwards was the HQ for an Ulster Volunteer Force spin off group called the Loyal Dublin Volunteers. In the 1930's an arms cache was found in the basement of 10 Rutland Square that has been attributed to the Loyal Dublin Volunteers.

In August 1915, 200 members of the Loyal Dublin Volunteers enrolled in the Volunteer Training Corps (a civilian, non-political organisation formed for home defence and support work who were to have a role in the Easter Rising).

It would be interesting to understand under what circumstances George Parker was arrested and how he fared being interned with Irish Volunteers.

George and family were at 10 Rutland Square in the 1901 and 1911 census.

Rutland Square gets a mention in the witness statement of Sean McLoughlin and in the difficult to read diary of J R Clark.

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