Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dublin after the Six Days' Insurrection

A small publication of photographs that appeared after the Easter Rising was entitled "Dublin after the Six Days' Insurrection'. The 31 photographs from the publication can be viewed online via Villanova University.

The photographer/author of this booklet was Mr T W Murphy, editor/sub-editor of The Motor News publication.

A couple of the photographs contain images of "Loyal Dublin Volunteers". These are members of the Irish Association of Volunteer Training Corps (IAVTC). Thomas William Murphy was himself a member of this civilian organisation and was the organiser/Honorary Secretary of the Dublin Motorcyclists' VTC with an address at 34, Lower Abbey St, Dublin. The Commander of the Motorcyclists VTC is given as Pack-Beresford but I've yet to find out his forename.

In a couple of Easter Rising photos, members of the VTC are wearing a Police duty band on the sleeve of their left arm. This type of band can be seen more clearly in the following photograph of DMP constables. The VTC had been sworn in as Special Constables by Sir Horace Plunkett at Beggar's Bush Barracks. The VTC were stood down on May 12th  1916 (based on a letter appearing in the Irish Times addressed to R A Anderson, Hon Secretary of the IAVTC, by Colonel Edgeworth-Johnson, DMP Commissioner).

In the 1901 census and the  1911 census T W Murphy  is recorded as a journalist.

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