Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kingstown and the Easter Rising

The Royal Navy doesn't get too much of a mention when it comes to the Easter Rising.

I'd like to find out more about the setup, ships etc that were in Kingstown (especially HMY Helga) at the time of the Rising and so have been delving into a number of books and websites (most of which give more information about Queenstown as centre of operations for the Royal Navy).

"The Sea Hound" appears to have the most answers re what the Navy had in Kingstown.

Some of the books I've read in the hope of understanding the Easter Rising in general and trying to get some information on the role of the Royal Navy include

Horace Plunkett by Margaret Digby
Ireland in the New Century by Horace Plunkett
My Mystery Ships by Admiral Campbell
Liffey Ships and Shipbuilding by Pat Sweeney
Danger Zone (The Story of the Queenstown Command) by E Keble Chatterton
The Seahound by Daire Runicardi
Victory at Sea by Liam Nolan and John E Nolan
50 Things you Didn't Know About 1916 by Mick O'Farrell
The Impact of the 1916 Rising edited by Ruan O'Donnell
1916 Rebellion Handbook
Easter 1916 The Irish Rebellion by Charles Townsend
A Guide to Dublin in 1916 by Conor Kostick and Lorcan Collins
The Secret Court Martial Records of the Easter Rising by Brian Barton
Dublin 1916 The Siege of the GPO by Clair Wills
Easter Rising 1916 by Michael McNally
The Easter Rebellion by Max Caulfield
The Rising by Desmon Ryan
The Insurrection in Dublin by James Stephens

Still to read :

Pull Together by Admiral Lewis Bayly
Acacia Class Sloops

The shelling of the Volunteers in Galway by HMS Laburnum took place as they approached the DATI experimental farm. Ironically, the naval shelling in Dublin was undertaken by HMY Helga, a ship built for the DATI.

DATI = Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction

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