Sunday, 20 January 2013

James Nolan - Dublin 1913

30th August 1913, James Nolan, caught in a street riot, died from injuries received from the police.

1st September 1913,  Dublin Corporation demanded a public inquiry into police conduct and allegations of police brutality. The inquest into the death of James Nolan began.

3rd September 1913, James Nolan was buried.

5th September 1913, the jury at the inquest into the death of James Nolan decided that he died from fracture of the skull caused by a blow from a police baton, but that the evidence was not sufficient to say who dealt it.

A 33 year old James Nolan who died in 1913 is recorded as buried in Glasnevin Cemetery. Currently, not sure if this is the burial of James Nolan who was killed on the 30th August 1913.

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