Saturday, 12 April 2014

Katharine Tynan and The Aerodrome

Katharine Tynan's poem "The Aerodrome" is supposed to be a lament for her father's land being sold to become Baldonnel aerodrome (I think the father's land was actually sold to become the aerodrome at Tallaght - now Cookstown Industrial Estate - but have yet to prove this).

A memorial cross to her father, Andrew Cullen Tynan, is still in place on the Belgard Road. A memorial to Katharine Tynan can be found in Tallaght.

Her nephew Gerald Cullen Tynan O'Mahony (father of comedian Dave Allen) joined the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary (ADRIC aka Auxiliaries) having been commissioned into the British Army via the Dublin University Officer Training Corps (DUOTC). He was later managing director of the Irish Times.

The Tynan's had been actively involved with the Freeman's Journal. Nora Mahony's claim for compensation gives her address as Airfield House, Tallaght while the claim for losses in 1916 is for property in the Freeman's Journal property by the GPO in Princes Street.

1916 Property Losses Committee claim by Nora Tynan O'Mahony

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