Friday, 25 April 2014

Captain Sheppard - South Staffordshire Regiment

Two Captain Sheppards were with the South Staffordshire Regiment in Dublin during the Easter Rising.

2nd Lieutenant James Sheppard was promoted to temporary Lieutenant in the 23rd July 1915 issue of the London Gazette. On the same page, Lieutenant Robin M Sheppard is promoted to temporary Captain.

Lieutenant James Sheppard was promoted to temporary Captain on the 2nd April 1916 just before going to Dublin to quell the Easter Rising.

Captain R M Sheppard wrote to the mother of Private H Bullock following his wounding during the Easter Rising.

In October 1916, Robin Sheppard is promoted to acting Major. He was wounded in France in November 1917 as Commanding Officer of C Company, 2/5th South Staffordshire Regiment.

Wounds received in Dublin lead James Sheppard to relinquish his commission in November 1917 though he retains the rank of Captain.

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