Friday, 28 February 2014

Easter Rising damage on film

From the British Pathe archives

Easter Rising Damage

O'Connell (Sackville) Street

Liberty Hall

A mix of clips in this film labelled as Liberty Hall 2
Liberty Hall 2

Some of the above links with these clips from 1915 (views of Lancers and entrance to Dublin Castle)
Lord Wimborne
New Viceroy 1915
State Entry to Dublin Castle

This following clip is a road search put down as Easter 1916. The helmets on troops suggest otherwise. I wrote to BP to point this out and they have written a note in the amendment section.

Road Search

Labelled as 1916 to 1922 but nothing from 1916 (a mixed bag of War of Independence and Civil War material)

Revolution 1916-1922

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