Monday, 1 April 2013

Hugh Coffey Love

In October 1916 (Reverend?) Hugh Coffey Love (5th December 1871 to 31st May 1948) was appointed Secretary of the Rebellion (Victims) Committee following the Easter Rising. The address given for correspondence was 13 St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

He also gets a mention in James Joyce's book Ulysses as a priggish clergyman. He also appears to have won a Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal in 1917 for rescuing a woman who had thrown herself into the River Liffey.

1871 Born in Belfast, father John Love (1836-1887), mother Mary Jane Love, nee Coffey, (1840 - 1920)

April 1888 exam in Belfast

April 1888 Boy Clerk in the London Gazette

May 1888 Post Office appointment in te London Gazette

December 1890  exam in Belfast

1899 Baptism of his son where he is listed as a Civil Servant

January 1891 posting in the London Gazette

1901 Census for Hugh Love and family

1911 Census for Hugh Love and family

1916 National Archives Procedure of the Rebellion (Victims) Committee

1925 appointment to Ministry of Education in Northern Ireland

1948 Died in Belfast

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