Saturday, 2 February 2013

ex-soldier Joseph Walsh

Having survived the Great War, former soldier Joseph Walsh died in Belfast in April 1922.

The forces of Law and Order in Belfast killed Walsh in his own home, 18 Arnon Street, by crushing his skull with a sledgehammer that they had used to smash open the door of his house. His 7 year old son Michael was shot and died the next day. His 2year old daughter Brigid survived; 14 year old Frank Walsh received a shot to the thigh having been beaten by the Police.

Joseph Walsh's 3 month old nephew, Robert James Walsh, was shot in the arms of a woman standing outside the door of 22 Arnon Street.

Joseph Walsh was 22 in the 1911 census and 11 in the 1901 census. His mother is recorded in both census returns as born in America.

A Thomas O'Hagan, number 6686 Connaught Rangers, gave his and his mothers' address as 18 Arnon St, Belfast when he enlisted 6th January 1917.

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