Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Colonel Portal

In command of the troops that travelled to Dublin from the Curragh was Colonel B P Portal (later Brigadier General Sir Bertram Percy Portal). Colonel Portal was listed in the despatch from Sir John French. He also gets a mention in a Sherwood Forester diary.

He is one of the officers credited with the idea for the improvised armoured cars using lorries from Guinness with smoke boxes and metal plates from the railway works at Inchicore.

29th August 1885, Lt in the 17th Lancers from Royal Military College

19th February 1895, Captain in the 17th Lancers

18th March 1896, seconded for service on the Staff

4th April 1899, Supernumerary Captain to Captain

29th May 1900, Major in the 17th Lancers

1900-1902, Boer War

5th February 1904, Lt Col in the 17th Lancers. Has a DSO

2nd November 1906, Colonel in the 17th Lancers

30th October 1907, retired pay

13th December 1912, Deputy Lt in Southampton

1st May 1916, Major Salt, Staff Officer to BPP

24th January 1917, retired pay Reserve of Officers, temp Brigadier General

16th March 1932, Vice Lt Southampton

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