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Easter Rising Mastermind

Forwarded the following link to a video re Mastermind questions re the "Easter Rising"

Great that the Easter Rising appears as a topic but the questions are just so basic (and the first question is way too long for a simple answer that anyone with a basic grasp of the Rising should know let alone someone with specialist knowledge)

Here are some slightly harder questions to get the brain cells going :

1. What organisation links a ship involved in the Easter Rising with the current location of the Irish Embassy in London?

2. The standard rifle of the British Army in WW1 was the .303 SMLE. Some members of the 2nd line battalions of the Notts and Derby Regiment were trained with what unusual rifle?

3. Who were known as the Gorgeous Wrecks?

4. Which organization owned the HMY Helga (which shelled parts of Dublin) and the farm in County Galway which was shelled by HMS Laburnum?

5. Which medal has been awarded to both Sir Roger Casement and to Robert Monteith long before they were landed on the Kerry coast?

6. Who was the most senior British officer to die as a result of the Easter Rising?

7. From which county in Ireland was the Canadian soldier killed in the Rising from?

8. Which author "did good work" as a stretcher bearer during the Easter Rising?

9. Which British ship picked up the wireless messages sent by the Irish Volunteers announcing the establishment of an Irish Republic?

10. Name the actors from opposing sides from the Rising who played roles in the Hollywood film "How Green Was My Valley"?

11. Name an "American" citizen involved in the Rising on the Rebel side (easy), a civilian casualty (harder), a participant in the British Army (mentioned in a previous blog post).

12. Name the Chief Secretary of Ireland at the time of the Rising.

13. How was Norway "involved" in the Easter Rising? (several possible answers; be creative)

14. Which town was shelled by the German Navy in an operation supporting the Rising?

15. Name 3 of the people murdered by Captain Bowen-Colthurst other than Francis Sheehy Skeffington.

16. How many British officers and Guinness employees were executed by members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in the Guinness works?

17. Name the Irish judge involved in the Easter Rising who wrote "The Pals at Suvla Bay" re the 7th Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers at Gallipoli.

18. Which British General spoke very highly of Patrick Pearse having met Pearse at his court martial?
"I have just done one of the hardest tasks I have ever had to do. I have had to condemn to death one of the finest characters I have ever come across"

19. Which British officer killed in the Easter Rising is buried in the same grave in Glasnevin as his brother who fought with the Irish Volunteers?

20. St Stephen's Green saw truces to allow the park keeper to feed the ducks. Which British officer involved in the Rising wrote about wild ducks and how to rear and shoot them?

21. Who was "James E Landy"/"Mr Hammond"?

22. Chalk and Granite were used for what during the run up to the Easter Rising?

23. Following the Easter Rising, Irish rebels were held where in North Wales?

24. Where was Room 40?

25. Name the 2 civilian women who were awarded the Military Medal as a result of their helping the wounded whilst under fire.

26. What was Michael Collin's role during the Easter Rising?

27. Who allegedly declared himself to be a Sinn Feiner "from the backbone out"?

28. Who helped wind the clock?

29. Who was James Connolly's secretary?

30. Which priest stayed with the rebels in the GPO?

31. On what date were most Irish prisoners in released in 1916?

32. Name a winner of the Sigerson Cup who fought in the GPO?

33. Why was Liberty Hall not destroyed by the artillery shells fired at it (unlike the building next door)?

34. What what the time difference between Dublin and London during the Easter Rising?

35. Name the commanders of the 5 Dublin battalions of the Irish Volunteers.

36. Who commanded the British forces in Dublin until the arrival of General Maxwell?

37. Name 2 Irish Volunteers who were conscripted into the British Army after the Easter Rising.

38. How many incendiary shells were fired by the 4 18pounder artillery pieces from Athlone that were used in Dublin during the Easter Rising?

39. In spite of verifiable service including being wounded several times during the Easter Rising, why was Margaret Skinnider refused a military pension?

40. Which member of the GPO garrison was a player on the field at Croke Park on Bloody Sunday?

41.How were the 16 rebels executed after the Easter Rising killed and where?

42. Which regiment captured the flag which carried the words "Irish Republic"?

43. How many rounds of ammunition could a Howth Mauser hold?

44. Which building was captured and held by Captain Sean Connolly?

45. What was the name of the railway station near Boland's Bakery?

46. What sentence did Eoin MacNeill receive after the Easter Rising courtmartials?

47. Where was Lt Michael Malone killed?

48. Who led the Irish Volunteers out in Galway for the Easter Rising?

49. How many members of the Royal Irish Constabulary were killed during the Easter Rising and where?

50. Where was the headquarters of the Enniscorthy Volunteers during the Rising?

Drop answers to :-)

Recommended reading for anyone wanting to get a good overview of the Easter Rising is "When The Clock Struck in 1916" By Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly.

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