Monday, 17 March 2014

Young Cassidy 1965

One of the problems with films that depict an historical event is that images start appearing from the film and people purporting the images to be from the actual event.

The following picture from Getty Images library appeared in the 2006 Easter Rising supplement for the Irish Times but is actually a photo taken during filming of an Easter Rising scene in the 1965 film Young Cassidy, starring Rod Taylor :

Young Cassidy - Getty Images

The big giveaway is the registration number of the car in the barricade (a 1950's car from Co Kilkenny) and the helmets on a couple of soldiers. Is that a cameraman sitting cross legged in the middle of the street with the Volunteers? The crowd of on lookers at the end of the street would be in danger if those were real bullets flying around.

The clearest version online appears in the following article

A Young Nationalist in the Easter Rising

The photo appears on a Doyle clan page and was being pushed as authentic via the Facebook page of Stair na hEireann. It also appears in a video clip from the Easter Rising Coach Tour Company :

Doyle Clan page

Stair na hEireann Facebook page

1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour

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