Sunday, 29 April 2012

Escaping German Prisoners of War

4 German PoWs appear to have made an attempt to escape from Fron Goch while three German officers tried to escape from nearby Dyffren Aled in 1915.

Fron Goch
Private Julius Reinhard Koch
Cpl Heinrich Brinkmann, aged 24
Private Hans Schoenherr, aged 21
Private Wilhelm Arenkens, aged 23

left Fron Goch area on the 13th April 1916 heading for Liverpool. They hoped to get on a neutral ship and make their way back to Germany.

Dyffren Aled
Two of the German officers appear handcuffed in this photo :

Hermann Tholens, Heinrich von Hennig and Wolff-Dietrich Baron von Helldorff had a scheme to meet with a U-Boat just off the Welsh coast near Llandudno which nearly succeeded.

Tholens described part of the escape in the 1930s.

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