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McCullen review

so now it would appear that the McCullen tree consists of :

James McCullen, Coastguard, 16th Feb 1873 aged 74
Ellen McCullen died 7th March 1890 aged 74 (she may have been the second wife of James based on the 1841 census). Yet to find her maiden name.

Eveline McCullen b1856 d 14th June 1857
James Jocelyn McCullen 60 in the 1901 census. On the 1871 census he was Second Mate on HMS Imogene, age 31. Died 20th April 1904 aged 64.

Francis Groom McCullen b 15th June 1850. Joined Royal Navy 15th June 1868. Died 11th October 1888 in Portaferry after a long illness. Commanding Officer of H.M. Cruiser "Squirrel".

Eliza McCullen married to John Sumner. Does she later become Elizabeth Rule?

Margaret McCullen aged 56 in the 1911 census. Died 9th August 1947

Charles Augustus Edward McCullen b 1st July1849. Enlisted in the Royal Navy 1st July 1867 for 10 years. Re-enlisted 1st July 1877 for 10 years. Died in England in 1918.

From Coastguards of Yesteryear :

McCULLEN. Erected by James J.McCullen in memory of his sister Eveline who died 14th.June 1857 aged 1 year. Also his father James McCullen of H.M. Coast Guard who died 16th.February 1873 aged 74 Years. Also his brother Francis Groome McCullen R.N. Commander of H.M. Cruiser ‘Squirrel’ who died 11th.October 1888 aged 36 years. Also his mother Ellen McCullen who died 7th.March 1890 aged 74 years. Also the above James Jocelyn McCullen R.N. late Chief Divisional Officer of Coast Guards, who died 20th.April 1904 aged 64 years. Also his sister Elizabeth K. Rule who died 14th.November 1921 aged – years.  Margaret M.McCullen died 9th.August 1947.
Reference; Ballyphilip Church of Ireland Graveyard.

From the 1841 census for Fleet in Dorset there are children who would be too old for Ellen to have given birth to :

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